Our story..

Hello, I am Jeska, the very proud owner of The Bridal Boutique of Jules, I am also mummy to Fred, Digby (the dog) and wife to Mark. It has been my life long dream to have my very own little boutique. Never in a million years did I ever think it was possible to become reality.

Having flown for Virgin Atlantic Airways for six years, seeing the world and gaining inspiration and experience from the different countries and their cultures, I decided to end my flying career and embark upon a degree in fashion design and textiles, as a 'mature student!!' I completely surprised myself, and many others I think, and graduated with a first class honours. Whilst studying I fell head over heals for the Isle of Harris in the outer Hebrides and it's beautiful authentic fabric - Harris Tweed. I created small collections and took part in various charity fashion shows and events. I was then fortunate enough to fall pregnant with Fred. He was born in 2010. Sadly six months later my dearest mum, who was my everything, being an only child with no Dad, was diagnosed with cancer at just 59 years old. Fred and I moved back to Kent to look after her until she got better, but she sadly never did. She died on Fred's first birthday. My world fell apart.

I made the decision to permanently relocate back to Kent with Fred, as my marriage had broken down throughout the very difficult times. I realised that life was far too short and so precious. Life was for living. A year and a half later I met Mark.

Together the three of us began to build a new life together. In December 2013 we purchased the building of The Bridal Boutique of Jules, with extensive building work required throughout, we embarked upon the year long project to make dreams come true. If it wasn't for Mark, The Bridal Boutique of Jules, wouldn't exist. His relentless hard work and pure dedication to both Fred and I has made my dream, our home into a reality.

My mum aka Julia/Julie/Jules , whom the boutique is named in honour of, I know, is behind the three of us in our new and exciting chapter. Mum and I always said how amazing it would be to do something like this together. With her name representing the shop and her writing in our logo, she is with us everyday. I miss her dearly and have installed/up cycled and used various pieces of furniture and accessories of hers within the boutique. Even a door from my childhood home hangs proudly in the little kitchen.

I look around the boutique on a daily basis and still can't quite believe it is ours and what we have achieved. An amazing and quirky boutique filled with so many beautiful things... Jeska xx